Home \ˈhōm\

one's place of residence; the social unit formed by a family living together; a familiar or usual setting; a place of origin


We all long to be home

Home can be found in the presence of good company. Home can be found where there is safety and rest. 

And yet home is also the place we often long for, where we can finally say: “I have arrived.” Echoes of homesickness linger in the crevices of the soul. It can be felt for a brief moment when we are lost in a crowd. It can be amplified in the face of loss, rejection, or brokenness. We were created to experience the fullness of God, but we have only experienced it in part. 

But the good news is that we will arrive; the wandering and pining will come to an end. Love will bring us home. 

The Hōm Project explores home as a place that is both found and longed for through various mediums of expression.